Our Painter For A Day Program is specifically designed for:

Busy customers who are on the go and need painting services in a hurry
Small jobs that are hard to quantify
Jobs that are on an as-needed basis
Maintenance touch-ups on a ongoing basis

Our Painter for a Day Program includes:

A  certified paint technician with a fully-equipped vehicle, including all necessary tools, caulking and patching materials, roller covers, tapes, drop cloths, ladders and sundry supplies.
8 hours of Master Paint Technician Services ($450 / day).
Worker Compensation, Liability and Property Damage Insurance.

Services Our Painter for a Day can provide:

Whatever painting services that you need done, just tell us where and when.

Whats the Details??

Do you have an immediate need or wish to accomplish some painting related projects around your business or office? If so, you may be interested in the "Painter For A Day" program!

Our Painter For A Day is a journey-level, professional painter who will perform your painting, patching, or touch-up related tasks for up to 8-hours.

This program has sparked quite a bit of interest with  investors, and business owners who need some work done but are not wanting to call around, wait for estimates, and delay the progress of completing their project. 

For the low cost of $450.00 we will provide:

One highly skilled professional painter

All tools, drop clothes, & necessary supplies

8 hours of quality painting service

Excludes all finish coat paint products.

Paint is to be supplied by the customer or may be provided at an additional charge.

The details:

All you need to do is provide the paint.

Purchase multiple program days at this price. 

The 8 hours must be consecutive and cannot be broken into 2 or more partial days.

Work over 8 hours per day will be billed at $40/hr plus materials. 

So what is it??

How Much Does It Cost?

At Priority Painters, we like to keep our prices low and minimize the work you have to do during your painting project. For just $450 per day, we’ll send one, professionally trained painter to complete your project.

Other pricing below:

1 painter for a day $450
2 Painters for a day $750 

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